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Piano Lamps


I am always being asked about the best kind of lamp for the piano.  You probably remember the kind that attaches to the music desk.  I don't recommend these, because they are heavy and can over-balance and come crashing down when the desk is removed by the unwary.  They also put a lot of strain on the music desk hinges. 

I also would argue against the kind that sits on the grand piano music desk, like the table lamps and globe lamps of bygone eras.  Again, they are really too heavy for music desks, and often cause them them to bow down. However, if you must get one that sits on the music desk, I think the LED ones give the best light and are relatively lighter than their older counterparts, for example, this House Of Troy PLED101-527 4-Inch Portable LED Piano Lamp, Black with Satin Nickel Accents, or this one House of Troy G350-BLK Generation Collection 11-Inch to 22-Inch Adjustable LED Desk/Piano Lamp, Black.

My advice is to get a really good pole or standing lamp. I have the opportunity to see a wide variety of lamps in my travels as a field technician, and I would have to say that my current favorite is the LED style with the telescoping arm and adjustable brightness.  They are available in many price points and styles, so they should fit in with most decors.  But the biggest plus is the bright, even lighting which makes those little black notes very, very clear.